Welcome to another exciting episode of Crime Time with DutyRon and Ed Wallace! As retired NYPD Police Detectives and 9/11 World Trade Center first responders, we dive deep into the world of true crime, providing expert insights from our years of experience on the force. Join us as we tackle the latest breaking news stories, missing persons cases, and analyze criminal investigations from a law enforcement perspective.

About DutyRon:
DutyRon is a retired NYPD police detective from the Fugitive Enforcement Division and 9/11 World Trade Center first responder. With a passion for all things true crime, he covers missing person cases and serves as the Law Enforcement liaison for the Midwest EquuSearch Ohio Chapter.

About Ed Wallace:
Edward William Wallace Jr. is a retired NYPD Detective First Grade with 25 years of service. He specialized in Crime Scene Investigation, Counter Terrorism, and was involved in over 2,600 crime scenes. With expertise in areas like Shooting Reconstruction, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, and more, Mr. Wallace has also contributed to the development of WMD investigation protocols for the NYPD and NYC Department of Health. As a dedicated instructor, he has trained law enforcement agencies and emergency responders both nationally and internationally.

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Hello everyone. I was honored to join Ron Licciardi on his “Duty Ron” YouTube Show. I admire his interview skills, as he took me from my early career, moments of happiness and moments of happiness and moments of pain, including reflections of my nephew, FF Michael Roberts, who died saving others 19 years ago this Friday, and wrapping up with a conversation about the pain so many elected officials are bringing to our cities including the consistently increasing numbers of crime victims. Thank you everyone and hang in there, especially this week. 
Retired NYPD Chief Joe Fox / New York
Your personal story and the documentary you played were both EXCELLENT!!!! That was the best video that i’ve watched in a very long time. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. It means so much
Katy F / Oklahoma
I am so proud of the wonderful work that you do for victims and their families all around the country. I am so honored to be a part of this amazing effort. Keep up the good work brother
Joe Murray / Criminal Defense Attorney